Amazon Training Calls for DMS



  1. Rework the "Training Call" Email. Be sure to include time and timezone for the call. Download the "Training Call" email template here.

  2. Compose a new email. Attach the Manual POS pdf and the document entitled “Amazon Tech Workflow”

  3. Copy the emails from the Excel Training list and paste into the “To:” field of your email.

  4. Send the email out 1-2 days before call.

  5. Click on the outlook calendar and create an invite with the day and time for the conference call. Copy and Paste the info from the AmazonCalendarInviteText.doc here. Send invitation.

  6. Create a google number if you don’t have one. Copy and paste the phone numbers from the excel spreadsheet and paste into the phone number field. Send a mass text to all techs with the info on the AmazonMassText.doc. Be sure to include TIMEZONE for call. For an example, click here. 




  1. Resend the mass text 5-15 mins prior to call.

  2. Dial in to conference call number. (you can get your own conf call number from

  3. Enter the pin and pin for the host.

  4. Welcome those on call and take roll call.

  5. Ask that they save any questions til the end of the call, I ask that they MUTE their phones to eliminate background noise during call.

  6. Before I go through document I preface the call by saying that “The overall message of this call today is that if you have an issue that prevents you from doing the job or getting a customer signature within the app, you have an escalated issue. All issues with Amazon are time-sensitive and you must email & copy your DM/DC immediately. I also state that Amazon keeps a scorecard on us, so if we don’t complete all the steps for a job on time, we get points taken away. The better our score is, the more work they assign so it’s important to be timely and communicate immediately.

  7. I first point out the important Apollo customer service contact info at top of document and video playlist for quick reference.

  8. I go through all notes on the Amazon Workflow doc.

  9. I inform them that there’s a cheatsheet attached at end of the doc. They can print and place in their wallets for quick reference. I tell them to also print the Manual POS form and copies in their car.

  10. and at the end I open up for questions and ask if everyone was able to get into the app ok.

  11. I inform them of the website we have called and encourage them to go to the site for any training or info on Apollo. Especially if they are New Hires.

  12. Thank the techs for their time and inform them I will update their mileage and availability in system and turn them on to work Amazon.




  1. Update mileage and availability in MARS

  2. Update Google Doc

  3. Email the attendance to Clair, Lynn, Kayla, and Shelly so they have eyes on who is new to Amazon.

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