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The transition of the BDS Solutions Group 401(k) Plan to Lincoln Financial Group (Lincoln) is now complete. You can register for online account access and log into your account at Please see this link for instructions on how to register for online account access. After you've signed up, click here for the Participant Welcome Letter. 


An email was sent out recently stating you could acquire some of your pay at an earlier date through our Rain app partnership program, however, due to issues, The RAIN payday advance process has been put on hold for now. If we can get a resolution to this, we will update you when it is resolved, so you can begin utilizing the app.

•Field On-boarding:

•Send Written Offers

•New hire Paperwork

•I9 Form

•Background Check and Drug Test

•Create Company Emails for Field

•Create MARS Profile

•Assist with the whole on-boarding process

Contact the On-boarding Team at (740) 618-4104 or


Please click here to review our 2021 wellness plan notices!

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