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Office Depot Training

Watch the all Office Depot Training Videos here.

The password is: apollo 



Step 1: Sign In

Step 2: Print Paperwork

Step 3: Check in with Manager

Step 4: Service Priorities

Step 5: POG Integrity

Step 6: Safety Check

Step 7: Repair & Order Parts

Step 8: Clean

Step 9: Finish Paperwork

Step 10: Report

Step 11: Check out with MOD

Step 12: Sign Out

How to Anchor

Using the Baler

Download the Office Depot Service Manual.

The videos match each step of the service manual:

Need to Replenish Your Supply Kit?

Fill out the Supply Order Form

Please note, do not fill out this form if you are newly hired. Your DM will send you shirts and supplies! Only use this form if you've run out of supplies. 

New to Office Depot? 

Review Phase 1 & Phase 2 videos here. 

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