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Process bi-weekly and weekly payroll. 

•Monitor payroll support site.

•Handles stop payments and replacement of missing checks 

•Works with the District Managers to resolve pay issues. If you are a field rep, you MUST go through your District Manager first.

•Review/Communicate reporting discrepancies with DM to ensure accurate payroll

•Process final payment check according to state law Final Check Laws

•Process adjustments requests to correct Paid shifts Adjustment Form 

•Please submit these forms to your payroll coordinator. 

•Process Time Reporting Correction documents Time Reporting Correction Form

•Managers: Please ensure that Reporting docs are completed by the employee and have accurate shift ID, date, etc before submitting to payroll site.

•Please submit more involved payroll questions to your Payroll Coordinator. 

**** Please do not copy the payroll support site and your Payroll Coordinator.****

Contact: (888) 738-1873

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