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New Hire Orientation

If you're new to Apollo, you'll need to watch this video and 

read through the new hire welcome guide!

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There are three vital applications you'll need to use to be successful at Apollo. Smarter Mail, MARS, and ADP. Watch this video to learn more.

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To see some of these applications in action. Watch this Playlist!

Did you know you can forward your work emails to your personal email account by enabling email forwarding through Smarter Mail?

Learn the ins and outs of MARS, Smarter Mail, and more!

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Merchandising Glossary

Learn the basics of Merchandising. Knowing what a POG, POS, Facing, etc means is crucial when you're in the field. Take a peek and expand your retail vocabulary with this new PDF!

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Watch the video playlist if you need payroll answers!

Need to register for ADP? Or change your personal information? Check out these documents:

How to Register

How to Update Personal Info

Watch this Video on How to Register !

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Not sure how to create formulas, pivot tables, or vlook ups in excel? Need help with Microsoft Word? Check out this youtube playlist.

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If you're new to Apollo Corporate, you'll need an email signature. Download the instructions for set-up here.