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2nd fromLeft, Adrian Judge.

4th from Left, Penny Hoenes

•Responsible for booking all travel - CARS, FLIGHTS, BUSES, TRAINS, and HOTELS.

•Handles any check in problems or flight delays that the traveler may have within the department business hours. 

•Any check in problems after hours should be handled by the DM, DC or the CLC help line at 1-800-332-5892

•All employees that have a Rental Car request must have a motor vehicle report run prior to renting. A copy of the driver license should be sent to hr@apolloretail.comto have the Motor Vehicle Report Run. 

Attention Field Reps!! You can NOT make changes to your travel by contacting the travel department. YOU MUST contact your DM for any/all cancelations/modifications. Also, please check your company email daily for all notifications, this includes travel notifications. 

Contact Travel at (800) 971-9938 option 6 or email:

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